Comix Harem – review 2023

Comix Harem Waifuforyou review Hentai Uncensored Game
Comix Harem Waifuforyou review Hentai Uncensored Game


In Comix Harem you are the superhero! And your unique power is your dick! It’s unique because help other super heroines to recharge their power and give them extra energy. In this comic inspired R34 roleplay game you create your harem of sex hungry super hero girls and take party in a great fight against evil. Your reward is a ton of lewd and sex scenes with your all-time favorite super hero parodies. If you are into comics in general, this is the game for you!

The Game Play

Every world in the Comixverse comes with several quests full of mystery, suspense, and a lot of fucking.  If you are already familiar with Hentai/Harem Heroes, you will know what it’s all about.

Penetrate this world of endless sexploits and adventure in the Begin City. Don’t skip the tutorial- consider it the foreplay to the satisfying and lewd (inter)course that’s coming.

In each world, you can find a supervillain who is keeping girls away from you. It’s your duty to save them and offer them a safe place in your harem. You will win them over by engaging the villain in a sexual performance: the one who is better at satisfying his harem wins. Just a tip: Better equipment gives better chances, although the drop rate is random. But whenever you win, you will get awesome rewards!

Just like in real life, quests require energy. Once you empty your bar, you can recharge with the special in-game hard currency Gold. Or if you prefer you can just wait for the recharge. Quests take energy, but you get experience in return! The XP you collect in your adventures will allow you to level up. Each world ends with the juiciest reward: a horny girl for your Harem!

You can also go shopping to make your superhero even more super! Choose among the various equipment items from the Shop: each one of them has a certain effect on your stats. In order to be stronger in battles, you will have to choose a class and buy equipment and boosters to make your performances against the villains and other players the best possible. And don’t forget to shop for your lady friends! Books give your girls experience points and Gifts help them level up, which means more Yemen for you.

Some kind of DC or Marvel porn game

Developed by Kinkoid Studios, Comix Harem is a game that shines with its rule 34 content and comic porn parodies. You will find the equivalent of years of super hero comics in this Marvel and DC inspired porn game with girls like Storm, Spiderwoman, but also plenty of heroes from Gotham city, X-Men or the Avenger’s series. It’s worth pointing out the rule 63 (male to female parodies) is also a thing in this game. You will encounter a lot of famous figures in their female equivalent which makes it all the more interesting and fun to play.


You get to perform against other heroes and their harems in the Seasons feature. Every month there will be a theme and a special girl that you can win after performing with other powerful heroes. Pick a team of your strongest and most flexible sex heroines and enjoy the sex-off. When you win, you will get Mojo, XP, and Affection for you girls.

The other performances are against the villains! Beat the villains and get various items, money, XP, and most importantly – girls!


The Night-club is the Gacha feature: you have three different gacha games you can play. You have Great, Epic, and Mythic Night-clubs which have different rewards and different girls. Success is guaranteed: you will always receive amazing rewards: from equipment to girls. The drop rate is random. 

Facts and Figures

An original story embedded with comic books, video games, and pop culture!

Discover the best porn comics adventure through the visual novel format with plenty of humor and hilarious references.

Enjoy hundreds of uncensored comics illustrations, accessible to all players for free.

Seduce Girls

Horny girls galore are waiting for you! Go on exciting lewd missions to find many girls and invite them to join your Harem! You can also save them from villains or win their affection in the Night-club!

Exciting Events

Every month there will be arousing events that will introduce you to new girls and will give you provocative Daily Missions.

RPG Harem Performances

Discover Comix Harem’s advanced game design which allows you to lead displays of sexual prowess with different strategies, stat management and impress the judge with the best sexual performance.

Harem Boost

Advance your girls by teaching them how to become exquisite sexual performers and bring your Harem to its ultimate capacity. Make the size of your… Harem work for you!

Affection Level

Shower the girls of your Harem with gifts, grow their affection to increase their skills and see them express their gratitude by undressing for you.

Character buildup

Get the best equipment at the Market to raise your hero’s sexual skills to the top!

Our harem of comic girls and the porn artworks

During each mission of your main quest you will be generously rewarded with a ton of lewd scenes and sex scenes. Note that you can replay those quests after ending them if you’d like to explore them again.

Once the girls have joined your Harem you can add them to your team of super heroines, and level them up by training them and giving them Items, which in return will bring you plenty of sex action at every new affection level they achieve.

Paid content in Comix Harem

If you want to get even more super heroine girls and items you can also buy them in the Nightclub which is pretty much a gatcha system with plenty of interesting rewards including new girls and rare items. To buy a night in the nightclub you will need to spend real money to buy Gold. Note that this won’t give you exclusive content that you can’t get for free, it’s only there to help you progress faster.

In addition of the free rewards, you can also purchase a Season Pass to get additional rewards at each PvP level.

The Daily Rewards

For every day that you log in this horny world, you will get a special Daily Reward. And every month you will have special intriguing and stimulating events that will bring you out-of-this-world gorgeous babes and rewards.

Final Opinion

If you’re ready to forge your own heroic legacy in a world of superhuman sex with spider-women and bunny girls at your side, you don’t have to wait – Comix Harem is available right now!