Pornstar Harem – Game Review 2023

Pornstar Harm Waifuforyou review Hentai Uncensored Game


Pornstar Harem is a wild RPG porn game that lets you control the filthy adventures of your favorite porn stars in a cum-soaked adventure across a sinful world.

Pornstar Harem is an online RPG where you are guided by an angel – a shape-shifting woman who not only helps you get laid but occasionally fucks you – into increasing your harem of porn stars.

The online role-playing game Pornstar Harem allows you to increase the number of porn stars in your harem with the assistance of an angel, a shape-shifting woman who not only assists you in getting laid but also fucks you on occasion.

You can accomplish this by traveling to different areas all around the world and performing tasks, as well as participating in PvP battles where you have the opportunity to win the love of a porn star if you are successful in luring her away from her competitors.

You can take control of your favorite Porn Goddesses and work towards the goal of transforming them into the ultimate globe-trotting whore by jerking to porn rather than just sitting back and jerking to porn.

Of course, you are free to pump yourself up to ridiculous levels as you do your business. This is a game that can be played with just one hand!


The story of Pornstar Harem. You play a young developer who would like to create a porn site that respects porn actresses by offering them the best working conditions and a good salary. Your dream attracts the attention of Shawna, an Angel who decides to grant you her divine powers. With your new powers, every woman sees you as the man they idealize. It doesn’t take long before you bang your first girl, your sexy landlady comes knocking on your door and your mere presence immediately makes her all wet.

After you’ve kicked out your landlord, who is so addicted to your cock that he decides to pay you instead of collecting your rent, Shawna decides to explain why she gave you such powers. As said earlier, Shawna is an angel and in the Pornstar Harem universe, angels are naughty creatures who like to organize erotic tournaments to pass the time. For this new tournament, Shawna has decided to make you her champion, each champion must aspire to own the largest harem to win. Your goal in the game is simple, become the best porn actor with a huge harem.


The gameplay of Pornstar Harem is very similar to Hentai Heroes or Comix Harem. Pornstar Harem is a porn game focused on storytelling, so the story is very important, that’s why it is so good. To progress in the story of Pornstar Harem, you will have to use “Energy”. Energy is a completely free resource that is recharged over time, gold or with each level up, you consume energy every time you progress through a scenario.

Adventure Mode

It is in the adventure mode, a single player mode, that you will use most of your energy. The adventure mode is divided into several cities, which are themselves divided into several scenarios. As said earlier, each time you progress in a scenario, you will have to use your energy. When you run out of energy, you will either wait for it to recharge over time or use “Gold” (a premium currency) to recharge it. Gold has other uses besides recharging energy, but we’ll talk about that later.

League mode

The league mode is a player versus player mode, you need a minimum of three girls in your harem to participate. You do not use energy to participate in the league mode, but challenge tokens. When you have used all your challenge tokens, you have to wait a little more than 30 min for a token to recharge or in the same way as energy, you can use gold to recharge your tokens.

In league mode, your goal is to advance to the top of the standings in your division for the duration of the season. At the end of each season, you will be awarded rewards based on your ranking and if your ranking is high enough, you will advance to the next division or receive even more rewards.

The Way of Divine Sex

The path of divine sex is a single player mode that allows you to get many rewards. Pornstar Harem being in beta version, there is only the champion mode available. In Champion mode, you face another champion in a coitus duel. Victory grants you new equipment and potentially a new girl in your harem.


This is where you manage the girls in your pornstar harem. You have an overview of each girl’s experience level and ‘affection’ (which controls just how naked she is on her profile picture). Each girl also provides an income (in in-game cash – not gold), collectable approximately every half-hour. 

You can up your girls’ slutty experience in battles with porn-star bosses or in PvP events where your harem is pitted against another player’s.

You can also buy the slut under your command a wide range of sex aids to up their filthy levels of kink experience. 

You can also buy a girl’s affections with the three primary ways to a woman’s heart – panties, flowers, giant dildos, and butt plugs.

There are other options, of course, but everyone knows that real women go gaga for things they can put on/in/around their butt/nose/mouth. When you get a porn star’s affection to the next level, you can pay a premium (in cash or gold) to have her profile picture enter a slightly more provocative state of undress. 


In the nightclub, you can spend gold or cash in a sort of lucky dip to get random legendary items/girls. The more you spend, the greater your chances of getting better items. 

Sex God Path 

Unlockable after finishing the first two towns, this mode gives you the chance to engage in high-end PvE battles for premium girls. 


Unlockable after getting 15 girls into your harem. At the time of writing, we did not have 15 girls in our harem. 


Unranked PVP, where you can choose to face three randomly-selected players with your harem. If you win, you will be awarded XP and gems.

Seasons use their own form of virtual porn currency, known as ‘kisses’. 


If you are a lover of porn and the exciting world of online games, there has rarely been a better alternative for such a fantastic addition to your fun collection than Pornstar Harem. If you are a fan of porn and adore the inspiring world of online games, you will not be disappointed.