Queen’s Libido Diary

Queens Libido Diary Waifuforyou review Hentai Uncensored Game


For centuries, the Garan Empire, Arkas and Livera have coexisted.

Not without occasional conflicts, but still at relative peace.

Until one day, the Garan Empire joined forces with Arkas and launched a fierce assault on Livera. Amidst the war and chaos, the Garan Empire also took many people away by force …

Facts and Figures

  • Auto Quick-speed Combat

Join this adventure and assemble your own team of beauties! Simply pick Heroes to build formation and they will battle for you automatically. No more waiting, you can choose different battle speeds so rewards can fall into your hands quicker.

  • Fascinating Story Plots

A unique experience in another world, with various beauties pursue and accompanying during your adventure. You can conquer enemies to build a harem within your journey to explore the world. Discover the truth of the world and Save all beings!

  • Over 50+ Alluring Beauties

Hot and Cute Beauties are all gathered in Queen’s Libido Diary. Over 50 seductive girls, from furry panther girl to abstinent saint…They are all waiting for you. Come and conquer them with your Alpha power.

  • Various Sex Scenes and Sex-positions

Various Interactive Sex Scenes with ladies, name any positions…doggy, missionary or simply giving you a blowjob. All beauties are ready to spend passionate and erotic nights with you!